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Natural Park of Serra de São Mamede

The Natural Park of Serra de São Mamede is located in the border region of the northeast of the Alentejo, occupying an approximate area of 56,000 ha, distributed by the municipalities of Portalegre, Castelo de Vide, Marvão and Arronches. The highest geographical spot of the Sierra is at an altitude of 1.025m, the highest point southwards of Tagus.

There are contrasting reliefs in the Sierra. To the south we have the presence of a soft and wavy relief, at an altitude varying between the 300 and 400 m. The so-called Portalegre Plateau, located between the 400 and 500m, forms a kind of transition zone between the typical Alentejo plain and the highland zone. Here, the landscape is dominated by the "Montado" (florests of oaks, cork oaks, holm oaks and chestnut trees).

The Sierra itself is at an altitude above the 800 m, where we find a landscape crossed by quartz crests and prominent reliefs. Here predominate the oak woods, Castinçais, cork oaks cohabiting with broom, rockrose and carqueja, merging the Atlantic and Mediterranean influences. Parallel to this type of vegetation we find many animal species such as the iberian midwife toad , the Iberian frog, water lizards, snakes, boars, partridges and birds of prey such as the eagle of Boneli.

Among the flora and fauna, the vine cultivation stands out in small, old vines scattered throughout the Sierra, in an unparalleled harmony. The soil and the climate conditions, relief, altitude and temperature of the region, amount and regularity of solar light, occurrence of rain, wind and humidity, in conjunction with human interference through the cultural practices of the vine, create a terroir of unique excellence, giving a distinctive and unique identity to the wines of Sierra de São Mamede.